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Palm Beach County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Regardless of Your Injury, So Long As It Was Caused By Someone Acting In A Careless Or Negligent Manner, You Have The Right To Take Action For Compensation. Palm Beach County Pedestrian Accident Attorney to Help You Obtain Compensation For Your Damages That Include Medical Bills, Lost Wages, Pain And Suffering, And Other Issues That You May Face Because Of Your Injury.
Why Choose Smith, Ball & Báez Injury Lawyers For Your Pedestrian Accident Case?
  • Free Consultation – Tell Us What Happened & See If You Have A Case And What It Might Be Worth. We do Consultations in person, by phone and virtually.
  • Highly Reviewed & Rated – 4.9/5 With Over 80 Google Reviews. 10.0/10.0 rating on respected legal website Avvo.
  • Highly Responsive – We pride ourselves in fast response times when communicating with our clients. We will never let your questions or concerns go unaddressed.
  • Efficient – Our approach focuses on efficiency and speed to resolve cases as quickly as we can to get you your money faster.
  • No Case Is Too Difficult or Complex – This is where tenacity and knowledge of the law matters. We do what is necessary even in difficult cases.
  • Straight Shooters – You’ve made an important decision in your life. We respect you for that. Our approach focuses on efficiency and speed to resolve cases as quickly as we can to get your life back to normal sooner.
  • Caring & Compassionate (truly) – We’re sorry for what happened to you or your loved one. Our team is incredibly experienced, and they truly understand the complications that Personal Injury can bring upon a family.
  • Personalized Attention – We understand and respect that every client’s needs are unique. We treat all of our clients with the attention they deserve.
  • We Keep You Updated – Transparency is key. We want you to know what’s happening with your case at all points in the process.
  • Flexible Meeting Times – To accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Palm Beach & All Florida – Our office is in Palm Beach Gardens but we accept cases everywhere in Florida.

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Pedestrian Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you live, you are at risk of being involved in a Pedestrian Accident. Drivers are legally responsible for exercising reasonable care and are responsible for following the rules of the road while operating a motor vehicle. However, cases of impaired driving, speeding and failure to stop at a red light are all common cases where drivers fail to uphold this duty of care, which often leads to Pedestrian Accidents.

Should I Get A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Maybe you are the type of person who is hesitant to make an insurance claim or sue someone, but you could be experiencing pain, suffering, discomfort, are dealing with piles of unexpected medical bills, time off work and are confused how to move forward.

Shouldn’t someone really pay for what happened? If so, hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is unfortunately a reality for ensuring you get what you deserve and what is right.

Questions or Schedule An Appointment? Click to Call (561) 675-0840

Client Reviews – Smith, Ball & Báez Injury Lawyers

Questions or Schedule An Appointment? Click to Call (561) 675-0840

Actual Words Clients Have Used to Describe Us & Their Experience:

“hands-on attorneys and aggressive in fighting for the rights of their clients”, “both ethical, professional, hard-working, caring and compassionate individuals”, “not only incredibly sharp but also one of the most empathetic, kind people you will ever meet”, “encouraged me to be sure I was ready to settle, never any pressure”, “I could not have done this on my own and had no idea that I was entitled to what I received”, “always did what they said they would do – and more”, “always available by phone and even in person”, “everyone treated me with compassion and concern”, “makes sure to always keep your informed of what’s going on and the status of your case”, “helped coach me along with each step of the process”, “consummate professionals”, “real good and hard working law firm that can be trusted”, “they really fight for and care about their clients”, “always available to speak with me and very supportive”, “kind, caring and work very hard for their clients”, “proud to know such wonderful professionals in our community”, “went over and beyond presenting my case”

If these things are what you are looking for in a Law Firm then contact us by calling (561) 675-0840 or complete the form on the right, to see if we are right for your situation and how we can help you achieve your immigration goals.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrian Injuries can be expensive and may require long-term care. Greathouse Trial Law can help you quickly obtain the compensation you deserve. Some of the most common Pedestrian Accident Injuries are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury & Head Trauma
  • Internal Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injury & Paralysis
  • Torn Ligaments
  • Facial Injuries
  • Amputation
  • Bone Fractures
  • Pelvic Injuries

What To Do Now

We welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward and get the compensation you or your loved one deserves. Call our office (561) 675-0840 with questions, a description of your situation to see if we can assist or to schedule a consultation. Or you may simply fill out the form above on this page. Your form will be directly emailed to our office and you can expect a reply within 1 business day and often within hours the same day. All information you share is confidential.



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